The Pilates Method Alliance International Teacher Trainer Accreditation for Pilates (ITTAP) program provides accreditation for Pilates train-the-trainer programs in the areas of Mat, Reformer, and Comprehensive. The PMA is a third-party, self-regulating group of Pilates professionals who are committed to advancing the Pilates industry.

ITTAP was designed to provide standards of excellence for Pilates teacher training programs worldwide. The ITTAP was developed with input from Pilates leaders, PMA board members and other professionals in the industry, who indicated that a simpler, more inclusive process was needed. The accreditation is aligned with the PMA’s goal to further professionalize the industry and support the continued education of Pilates for future generations of students.

Pilates teacher training programs that meet the ITTAP criteria are recognized as quality programs committed to upholding the educational principles of Pilates. 

The ITTAP focuses solely on the Pilates program, or curriculum, being taught. An ITTAP approval of a Pilates teacher training program is not an endorsement of individual teachers, who may all have different teaching styles and approaches to the program.

Those seeking the accreditation must acknowledge that their teacher training educational program complies with all applicable local, state, federal, and international business, employment, and intellectual property laws as per the PMA Code of Ethics based on their locality.

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